I Am So Happy To Have Received My Fabulous New Navy Federal Credit Union Contactless Debit Card | What Happened After This Was…..

I am so happy to have received my #fabulous new Contactless Debit Card to my new fabulous accounts that allows me to tap and pay. Thanks to my Grandfather Woods, who served in The United States Army, I am a new member of the fabulous member only Navy Federal Credit Union. 💕

However, yesterday, I left my purse, #briefly unattended in a #public#place, like a #restaurant. I came back and checked my wallet and noticed that my new debit card was turned upside down in my wallet. I wasn’t sure if I did it or not so I called my credit union to see if I needed to get a new card. From conversating with a Navy Federal Credit Union representative, I realized that two of my new accounts numbers, routing number, and access number were in a #notebook that I left on the table with some other items.

Navy Federal Credit Union:

1. Closed out my new accounts at Navy Federal Credit Union and switched to “new” accounts. (Easily)

2. Have a “new” debit card enroute to me. Assisted me with setting a 4 digit PIN for my new debit card that’s currently enroute to me.

3. Did a “new” online banking reset.

I also,

4. Put a freeze on my Discover debit card via another financial institution that I use. A debit card freeze is where I can call before I make a transaction and the freeze will be lifted.

As it relates to my SSN, I already have a Credit Identity Theft Monitoring, Alert, Protection.

I didn’t want to close out my accounts and get | switch to new ones and a new debit card due because of the perceived inconvenience wait I thought I would have to endure and another reason.

Don’t forgo what you should do because of a perceived inconvenience. 🎯

Bridget Denise Webb

#Fabulous #FabulousFinances

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