Do You Barter?

Do You Exchange Goods Or Services For Other Goods Or Services Without Using Money?

While doing some personal financial research, I came across an online article on the website DUE titled 101 UNIQUE WAYS TO SAVE MONEY. One of the ways mentioned to save money in this online article is to barter.

Bartering is the exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.


What Can You Barter?

It can be anything, legal of course.

If you wanted to barter your paid off house or car for something of less, equal, or more value and the person who is the owner of the items you would like to receive agreed to it, you could.

The most recent news of bartering, that I came across was between a well known music artist, who instead of money for payment, requested payment in stock and with a company and with another company the well known music artist took half of a monetary payment in exchange for the rights to a media work. This is a classic example of bartering. No physical money was exchanged, but items and the value of what was exchanged was payment.

We Are Use To Using Money

We are accustomed to handling money and expecting money in exchange. We tend to think of exchange or payment as exchange or payment in monetary terms. We don’t think about other ways to achieve what we would like. Think about going to a hairstylist and instead of monetary payment you exchange something worth value to you both. This is also a great way to save money, if you are trying to pay off debt or working on a goal.

Being creative in managing your wealth.

I barter. Please don’t hesitate to ask!

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